Last Chapter 27 No Regrets!

As I look back over the years of my life, I have no regrets about my many big decisions. I have to add that it does not mean that I always acted wisely and well after making the decisions. There has been my explosive temperament, with outburst of anger and shouting. This might occur one per cent of the time but it is often what is remembered - by students!

As a teacher, it is important that students see self-restraint. Self-discipline is important and perhaps I have some of this, but self-control is even more important and I have not manifested enough of that. But self-restrain is the supreme art and one which ensures success in life. I have been deficient in this regard.

To err is human but to forgive divine! As a teacher I have often written words incorrectly and even made blatant mistakes. Often the students point these out and I can apologize for them. But there are still other mistakes, which I like to forget. I trust in the forgiveness of my friends, and also of the students.

It is however with gratitude and joy that I look back at all the people who were good friends of mine and who helped me more than I deserve.

To write about significant people in my life will need another book, suffice it to state that they are many and meaningful to me.

Life has changed over the decades, and this needs to be indicated. I have yearned that many young men join the Jesuits and follow in my footsteps, but I am aware that attitudes and life patterns have changed. On the other hand I am very happy to count that one third of our teachers are past students of our school. They are carrying on our tradition and values in our new educational context, with its demands and structures.

When I say that I have no regrets, I mean that I am happy with the decisions that I made in the context of what I knew and lived. If none have followed my example as a Jesuit, I trust that two thousand are living up to what they learned in Wah Yan.

Though I have indicated my family life and some experiences, I have not described the social climate and historical setting of the past decades. Political events in the Middle East certainly made my family go to Ireland. The culture of Catholic Ireland and its nationalist spirit have been formative. The events in China and the Cultural Revolution brought great changes to Hong Kong. In the past five decades, the growing prosperity and modernization defy description.

The Catholic Church has seen great changes with the renewal of the Second Vatican Council. This has had implications for Catholic education. In Wah Yan, we have faced continually changes in the educational setting, which has brought us to where we are.

I have then lived in these changes, having to accept them, as everyone has to. Yet within these changes I have determined much in my life. We all have to accept what we cannot change and yet do what we see is good, and seek what is better.

What then could be my last word? It is of gratitude to the students whom I have taught, thanks to the teachers who have put up with me, and indebtedness to Hong Kong, which has given me such a wonderful life.

I have lived in the same room in Wah Yan College for forty years. My fellow Jesuits have been supportive and friendly. I have enjoyed living in the greenery and good air in ten acres of King’s Park. No wonder I have no regrets, but only happiness and joy in my heart.

Then I have to add all those I have known as a priest outside the school, and they are in the hundreds. And all this happens in my adopted home of Hong Kong, so thanks to Hong Kong and all its people who have harboured me and made my life so happy. (682)

第二十七章 無悔今生


作為一個老師,對於學生能明白「自制」是很重要的,那是成功的關鍵,「自律」也是重要的,我或許有些自律; 但是更重要的是「自我克制」,我沒有表現我這一方面; 「自制」是最重要的藝術,是保証人生的成功,而我欠缺了「自制」這一方面。






除了說明我的家庭生活和一些經歷外,我並沒有講述過去幾十年的社會氣候,和歷史背景,中東的政治事端肯定是驅使我們一家人移居到愛爾蘭; 形成了天主教愛爾蘭的文化和民族主義的精神; 中國的文化大革命,為香港帶來巨大的改變; 過去的五十年,社會繁榮的增長和現代化,都沒有描述。